Volume 95, Issue 60

Friday, January 18, 2002
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Pirates hoist the flag of enjoyable theatre

Fresh new eatery sits well

Who's really in Remote Control

Finding life after death

Shits and Giggles


Flintstone Vitamins – Because they taste like sand, especially when forced down your throat.

The City of London – We poor residents have been forced to slide, stumble and fall across town, due to the unfortunate timing of the sidewalk salt shortage.

S Club 7 – They used to be my guilty pleasure, but now, even with their accents, they annoy me.

Creed – I've given it a lot of consideration over the past few months and this fourth incarnation of Pearl Jam wannabes still suck. At least Seven Mary Three gave up.


The New Deal – Mind-blowing! Groundbreaking! Bonus: Bassist Dan has the cutest face and best smile since Survivor's Ethan. He doesn't know this yet, but we're getting married.

Survivor Ethan – Great smile, great hair, nice guy and now he's rich. 'Nuff said.

Ryan Adams' Gold – The best boy-with-guitar music since Josh Rouse. Gold proved to be the best heartbreak CD of last year. Just listen to "La Cienega Just Smiled" and maybe you'll agree.

Crazy co-workers – Especially the ones from Sweden, who shout random things from their desks.

The Royal Tenenbaums – Makes me wanna' walk around campus wearing face paint and shouting things like "Let's shag ass!"

–Andrea Chiu

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