Volume 95, Issue 60

Friday, January 18, 2002
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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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Editorial Board 2001-2002

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good

Great news for smokers!

Now you can smoke until your lungs soak up enough tar to fill a kiddy pool and there will be a brand new organ waiting for you, courtesy of the fine folks who are working hard to make animal transplants a reality.

New technology involving the use of animal organs could be a much-needed solution for the thousands of people who desperately need new organs to survive.

A lack of available donors is the primary problem facing numerous patients stuck waiting for their turn to go under the knife every year.

Unlike some countries that automatically label all citizens as donors, Canada requires potential donors to sign-up.

While a number of possible health complications involving diseased organs still exist, animal-to-human transplant technology is progressing and may eventually become an extremely useful medical alternative.

Until more donors emerge or people start taking better care of themselves, these transplants may be the best way to save the lives of many in desperate need.

The Bad

The suspension of defenceman Kelly Paddon of the Mustang men's hockey team for use of ephedrine – a substance banned by Ontario University Athletics – could taint an otherwise spectacular year for the Western team.

With bragging rights that include a 16-0 record and three of the top scorers in the OUA, Western's warriors of the frozen pond are the favourites heading into the upcoming provincial championship, which Western will host in early March.

Since ephedrine is commonly used as a respiratory aid, it is difficult to determine whether the substance was used for medicinal or athletic-enhancing purposes.

Regardless of public reaction to the incident, the suspension has brought a flaw within the OUA disciplinary system to the forefront.

While Paddon was suspended for three months, delays will allow him to miss only one month of play. This loophole may have helped the Mustang's season but, overall, the effects could be devastating.

Hopefully , the controversy surrounding the suspension will not become a distraction and Kelly's teammates will be able to maintain the same momentum that has carried them to the top thus far.

The Ugly

The University Students' Council presidential race is off and running, but the candidates are tripping over their own feet on the way to the finish line.

Who will win this battle of the boobs – the man who lost a massive $30, 000, the soph with no relevant experience or the kid who has found himself caught in a war of words?

As The Gazette previously reported, Kyle Winston claims to have helped found the DEX business club, which would be a wonderful accomplishment, except others claim Winston had nothing to do with the club.

With the emergence of this recent oddity and the lackluster nature of the candidates so far, Western's student population seems to be drawing a blank when it comes to the upcoming USC presidential race.

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