Volume 95, Issue 60

Friday, January 18, 2002
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Council has had its "difficulties"

A safe target for public criticism

Le Recombobulateur

A safe target for public criticism

Re: "Brothels, fun, liquor, sex, buns, Bush," Jan. 15

To the Editor:

It's good to see America is once again a safe target for public criticism. It is, after all, criticism that keeps the United States in line and helps to avert the "dictation of democracy" Tanhar Khan mentioned in his letter.

However, reducing the war in Afghanistan to a "crusade" or a grab for Kazakhstan's oil goes well beyond informed criticism into the realm of ignorance, prejudice and hate-mongering.

War, contrary to what Khan's letter suggests, is an intensely complex issue – not merely a grab for money or desire to indoctrinate, though these may be a part of it.

Even giving Khan's argument the benefit of the doubt and assuming Bush is air-lifting hundreds of hookers, crap tables and cases of beer into debauchery-starved Kandahar ignores entirely the fanatics who provided the U.S. with a plausible excuse to commit such acts.

An excuse they gave when they took the lives of thousands of people – not just American people, but human people – and rejoiced as they listened to the screams of the dying.

The U.S. may not mourn the innocents killed in Afghanistan, but neither does it celebrate nor rejoice in their bloody, horrible demise. Sometimes, as in the case of Khan's letter, biting sarcasm is so much fun to read that for the sake of literary punch, its writer is willing to ignore all the issues that do not reinforce his blind rage.

I hope I have not made the same mistake here.

Luke Maynard

English III

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