Volume 95, Issue 60
Friday, January 18, 2002
Past bedtime
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Drug test rocks Mustangs
Player suspended for use of banned substance

A drug suspension announced Wednesday gave the 16-0 Western men's hockey team its first major set-back of the season.

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Candidates resume called into question

After announcing his candidacy in the upcoming election, University Students' Council presidential hopeful Kyle Winston's claims of involvement in a Western business club are being questioned.

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Lunn new Orientation Officer

As newly-appointed Orientation officer for the 2002 O-week program, Chris Lunn – in typical soph fashion – is already sleep-deprived and kind of hyper.

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Soph sues Shinerama

Shinerama's parent charity has also been named in a lawsuit seeking damages for Andrea Lazare, an off-campus soph who was injured during the Orientation week fundraising activity.

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Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
KNIGHT RIDER HE AIN'T. A car went off-road Thursday, into the woods behind J.W. Little Stadium, when the driver decided to take a creative shortcut. According to police, the driver, (as well as the car's loveable computer Kit,) was unavailable for comment.


©Lennie Kwan/Gazette
Kelly Paddon, banned Mustang


Pirates hoist the flag of enjoyable theatre

The instrumental opening of The Pirates of Penzance acts as a promise to the audience – a promise the cast dutifully fulfill and even surpass.

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