Volume 95, Issue 61

Tuesday, January 22, 2002
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Thanks buddy, we love ya too!

Thanks buddy, we love ya too!

Re: "The poor taste store called, they're all out of you," Jan. 16

To the Editor:

As an arts student, it's perfectly understandable that Carinna Pellett is used to reading a great deal of meaning into something simple.

However, it seems a little harsh to criticize The Gazette for what was surely a well-meant sentiment. While "happy fucking holidays" may be found offensive (by those who attach deep emotional ties to particular parts of the English language) solely for its profanity, to suggest that it somehow insults a "large number of religious and non-religious groups" is taking sensitivity too far.

If the exclamation had specifically read (if you'll pardon my own coarse language), "fuck Christmas" or something to that effect, I could understand Pellett's concern.

As it stands, "fucking" doesn't have any particular meaning – much less a derogatory one – except to add emphasis. While Pellett may turn up her nose at such uncouth behaviour, we among the bourgeoisie regularly come across such vocabulary and it holds no taboo.

So to The Gazette, who kindly wished me happy holidays, I have nothing but appreciation for the gesture.

Shawn Gettler

Engineering I

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