Volume 95, Issue 62

Wednesday, January 23, 2002
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Shayne's World #12
Mile High Video

By Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

You've seen reality television, but how about reality porn?

Gone are the plush couches, outdated dance beats and ridiculous scripts and plots. All have been replaced by attempts to create a cohesion of real life, real people and real situations.

The Shayne's World video series was founded upon the central idea of taking complete amateurs – in some cases first-timers – giving them a video camera and a sexual checklist and letting things play themselves out.

Here's how it works:

Off-screen, regular people apply to participate in the film and from the group, only amateurs are chosen to form two mixed teams of four.

Once being placed on a team, the players are given a sexual checklist of things they must accomplish in order to accumulate points. Then the teams are off and running, each with a set amount of time to gather points before the team with the most points win.

After a brief introduction, each team gets into a limousine and drives around the city, trying to score points that vary depending on the situation. For example, pretending to have sex with various objects while wearing a large chicken costume gets less points than seducing a stranger into giving them a hand job.

Other stunts include getting someone to lick whipped cream off your nipples, having sex in a sleazy hotel and streaking down a public street.

Depending on which video in the series you rent, a different sexual checklist is used, giving each film its own feel.

This type of movie is drastically different from the run-of-the-mill porn video. The people and their bodies are real. The smiles and laughter are also genuine and the stars are truly having a good time – something other porn videos are often missing.

The actual sex scenes are few and relatively short. Since there is no director yelling what position to do next, it often appears a little awkward. Furthermore, the camera work and lighting are both poor.

The video ends with creator Shayne announcing the winning team, who consummates their win with some victory sex.

As the porn industry strives for something new, these types of movies are appearing more often. Other videos range from people walking the streets and asking you to have sex with them outside of sex shops to having sex in public places.

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