Volume 95, Issue 62

Wednesday, January 23, 2002
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Students: love to talk about porn

By Beth Kerim
Gazette Staff

Debate over the merits of porn echoed throughout the University Community Centre atrium yesterday as students tackled the age-old controversy.

"Is pornography art?" was the topic of the third of four academic debates run by the University Students' Council's academic commissioner Josh Morgan.

With the Festival of the Arts already in progress, the debate challenged students to discuss whether or not pornography has artistic merit.

The debate began with discussion of how art should be defined. Various students took part in the debate and offered their definitions, including Kadie Ward, a second-year science student, who said art could be defined as an expression of emotion.

One student challenged Ward, saying sex is considered an expression of emotion, which would connect sex and art both as expressions of emotion.

Jennifer Placid, a grade 12 co-op student from A.B. Lucas Secondary School, defined porn as sex.

Third-year political science student Paul Yeoman noted that, historically, nude paintings of males and females have been common and culturally accepted.

Eric Fortin, a third-year political science student, said it is no one's place to judge the specific intent of a given artist.

Fourth-year history student Chris Sinal launched the conversation onto a new angle saying all art is created with the intention of being art.

Nicole Nelson, a third-year scholars electives student, said she did not agree with Sinal because the intent is not always stated with the art and can sometimes be skewed or vague.

In closing, Ward argued that if society takes too liberal an attitude towards defining pornography, it might someday become the next family television show.

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