Volume 95, Issue 62

Wednesday, January 23, 2002
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Women bounce Waterloo

Mustangs Seeley the dealie

Western men earn straight set victory

Vince Carter gets case of hype -- AKA the sports plague

Women bounce Waterloo

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

Beth Kerim/Gazette
YOU'LL NEVER BEAT ME IN A GAME OF KNEE TAG! Indeed the Western women were tough to beat this weekend as they downed Waterloo 74-50.
The Western Mustangs women's basketball team continued its dominance of Waterloo last Saturday, with a rousing 74-50 victory.

"There's something about the Western mystique," said Warriors head coach Tom O'Brien. "In the six years I've been here, we've never beaten them."

Mustang guard Sarah Lercara said the Warriors' track record against the Mustangs may play a factor in their match-ups. "It might give us a psychological advantage in terms of their mindset," she said.

Western coach Bob Delaney said he did not put much stock in the idea of any Western mystique. "Both Brock and Laurier hadn't beaten us in 11 years before [they defeated us] this year. It's just a matter of time before everybody beats everybody."

Delaney said one of the keys to the game was the Mustangs' change of defensive strategy in the second half, in which Waterloo was out-scored 38-18.

"Injury and sickness are still a factor," he said, concerning his team's recent setbacks. "[But] the players gave all they could. No one likes losing. The key is getting most of the kids back healthy."

Western guard Joanne Chehade, who led the team with 24 points, said the Mustangs are finally realizing their potential as a team. "Our team is generally getting better – not just physically in terms of health. We're working better as a unit."

"They've got hurts and they still play like they did," O'Brien said of the Mustang squad. "I give them tremendous respect.

"The difference was the first three minutes of the second half," he added, noting the Mustangs sunk three consecutive baskets, opening up a 12 point lead and never looking back.

O'Brien said the Mustangs defence excelled at shutting down the Warriors offensive leader Julie Devenny, holding her to just seven points.

He added Western's balance makes it difficult for an opposing defense to put their focus on shutting down particular individuals, he added. "They're not a team where you can box-out on one player."

The Warriors meet the Mustangs again on Feb. 20 and O'Brien said Waterloo will simply have to work harder defensively in their next encounter. "They didn't tear us apart [offensively]," he said. "We handled the pressure fairly well."

The Mustangs ride a two-game winning streak into Laurier for a match against the Golden Hawks tonight and face the East Division leading Laurentian Voyageurs on Friday at 6 p.m. in Alumni Hall.

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