Volume 95, Issue 62

Wednesday, January 23, 2002
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Women bounce Waterloo

Mustangs Seeley the dealie

Western men earn straight set victory

Vince Carter gets case of hype -- AKA the sports plague

Mustangs Seeley the dealie

By Jordan Bell
Gazette Staff

Does opportunity create confidence or is it the other way around?

While that query may never be fully understood, Western Mustang guard Scott Seeley is a prime example of an athlete who explodes when given the chance to compete. Seeley was instrumental in leading the Mustangs men's basketball team to a 90-69 victory over the Waterloo Warriors on Saturday.

Minutes were plentiful due to Chedo Ndur's shoulder injury and the continuing ills of forward Nick Salomons. Seeley took full advantage, burying two key three-pointers and breaking open a tight 61-58 Mustang lead.

Mustang head coach Craig Boydell said Seeley has slowly progressed into a formidable player. "We are never really surprised when [Seeley] comes into the game and plays well because [he] is matching up against guys like Chedo Ndur and Adam Peaker in practice, two guys who are extremely sound defenders.

"It is really good preparation for his game situations. Nonetheless, we are extremely pleased with the way he is playing on both ends of the floor," Boydell said.

Seeley admits hesitancy plagued him early in the game, but his emergence of late has been due to a couple of factors.

"I passed up a couple of open looks in the first half and my teammates got on me at halftime for it," Seeley said. "But in the second half, I looked for my shot. I think the combination of opportunity and confidence have helped my game recently."

The Mustangs shot a scorching 55 per cent from the field, including 70 per cent from long range. But Boydell said the game was not your typical contest.

"It was an extremely strange game," he said.

"I was encouraged by our shooting such a high percentage from the field and our defensive assignment on the Warriors leading scorer, guard Shane Cooney (who didn't have a single field goal), yet the Warriors still kept it close until the seven-minute mark of the second half. It was a virtual unknown who emerged to hurt us," Boydell added.

The virtual unknown Boydell referred to was rookie Milli Millidrag, who in Waterloo head coach Tom Kieswetter's words, had a "monster game." Millidrag finished with 22 points, 13 rebounds and an astounding eight blocked shots.

Mustang forward Andy Kwiatkowski and guard Jimmy Grozelle, the meat and potatoes of the lineup, once again fuelled the Mustangs on the offensive end. Kieswetter said these two stars made the difference.

"We controlled the tempo in the early going and Millidrag was a strong inside, outside presence," Kieswetter said. "But we couldn't contain Andy and Jim for a full 40 minutes."

Kwiatkowski finished with 23 points and 11 rebounds and Grozelle matched him with 23 of his own.

Seeley was automatic from deep, hitting all four attempts and finishing with 14 points. Centre Chris Brown chipped in with 18 points and eight rebounds.

The Mustangs travel back to Waterloo on Wednesday to face the Laurier Golden Hawks. This coming weekend, the Mustangs host a double-header, playing Friday at 6 p.m. against the Laurentian Voyageurs and Saturday at 12 p.m. against the York Yeomen.

The York matchup will be heated as the Yeoman are the third strongest team in Ontario University Athletics and the contest is highlighted as the televized 'Game of the Week.'

Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
BOING... BOING... BOING... Mustang guard Jimmy Grozelle looks to have found a new way to baffle opponents or maybe he's just practicing for the standing long-jump. Whatever it was, it worked, as Western thumped Waterloo 90-69.

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