Volume 95, Issue 62
Wednesday, January 23, 2002
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Grad in student-teacher sex scandal
Allegedly slept with 15-year old boys

A former Western student is on trial in London, England after she allegedly seduced three teenage boys while serving as a substitute biology teacher.

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Students: love to talk about porn

Debate over the merits of porn echoed throughout the University Community Centre atrium yesterday as students tackled the age-old controversy.

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Federal report alleges student visa fraud

According to an internal Canadian Immigration Department document, many Chinese students have been granted admission into the country after using fraudulent information to acquire student visas.

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Coppers to meet with Unity

Last weekend's arrests of two staff members and a resident at the Unity Project have prompted all parties to schedule a meeting for this week with a legal mediator, in hopes of fostering a more positive relationship in the future.

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Diane Bergie/Gazette
HMMM, THOSE CONDOMS LOOK EXPIRED, PLUS... THEY'RE MENTHOL? Meghan Varney, a fourth-year visual arts student was having trouble with a temperamental vending machine Tuesday in the University Community Centre.


ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
"YEAH, PEOPLE MAKE ONE HELLUVA STAMP."  Katie Ward,  a second-year student science student debates pornography in art with a canvas painted by covering a nude body - naughty bits and all - with paint. Just a small bit of advice: don't ever do this at a wedding.


Ryan Moore is a one man Twilight Circus of dub

"It's a sonic x-ray," offers Ryan Moore, defining the nature of dub.

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Women bounce Waterloo

The Western Mustangs women's basketball team continued its dominance of Waterloo last Saturday, with a rousing 74-50 victory.

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Niru Somayajula/Gazette
PATRICK HAD NEVER DATED A GIRL WHO MADE HIM FILL OUT AN APPLICATION BEFORE. First-year business student Patrick Wierzbicki signed a petition to stop tuition increases in the University Community Centre atrium Tuesday.