Volume 95, Issue 63

Thursday, January 24, 2002
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Lizards, Trixie and original fashion

Lizards, Trixie and original fashion

By Lauren Starr
Gazette Staff

Have you ever bought a really incredible sweater only to see it on 30 other people? To avoid this annoying problem, you might want to check out some of the more unique stores tucked away in downtown London.

The Frilly Lizard, owned by Sue Glass, is located at 362 Talbot St. and inside this shop, you will encounter some of the latest styles in Canadian fashion.

"Our clientele want quality, cutting edge pieces and something other than mass-produced clothes," Glass said.

Prices range from $40 to $400 and The Frilly Lizard offers frequent fashion miles, a savings incentive program for students, she said.

George and Trixie's, located at 573-A Richmond St., resembles an expansive walk-in closet.

Owner Kim Cassidy said prices range from $5 to $150, in addition to frequent sales and discounts for regular customers. George & Trixie's also carries rare designer labels and is quickly becoming a popular clothing store for the discerning shopper.

Meanwhile, Canadian designer Lisa Gaverluk boasts one of the most interesting and inviting locations in London – Weezi – and she strives to give her store the feel of a homey apartment.

Gaverluk said 90 per cent of the clothing she sells in Weezi are her own creations.

Weezi's clientele are independent women between 15 and 35," Gaverluk said. "Our consumer knows how she wants to present herself. We get everything from goth kids to professional women that want to push the limits," Gaverluk said.

Ready to Wear: For more stores that offer trendy styles, check out Skirt (533 Richmond St., 858-2449) or From Mars (344 Richmond St., 438-6277).

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