Volume 95, Issue 63

Thursday, January 24, 2002
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SSSC president Duane Baxter resigns

Hale named interim president

"Dear council..."

Baxter: a tumultuous and troubling year

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"Dear council..."

The following is an unedited transcript of the letter sent Tuesday night to Social Science Students' Council members from president Duane Baxter, announcing his resignation.

Dear Council Members,

First allow me to apologize for not being at the meeting tomorrow. I have an appointment and don't think I'll be out in time to be at the meeting so in the event that I'm not I'm sending this email.

Effective immediately I will be stepping down from my position as Social Science Students' Council President for personal reasons. While I've discussed this with some of you recently I understand it's gonna come as shock to some of you.

Before anyone asks I'll say that it has nothing to do with the o-week or the reccent emails betwen council members. Not so long ago I said we were all in this mess of ours together. That hasn't changed, and I'll continue to do anything I can to help the council out as one of your constiuents. There won't be any dramatic drop off of information and unfinished projects. All the necessary info will be forwarded to the member who will serve as acting president and I'll be available should they need to contact me. There is still work to be done and I am very confident that all of you have the ability to turn things around for this council.

You have 57 days to show every student in this faculty and on this campus what this council is capable of. 57 days to make the changes we need to make to leave this council in a better positon for future councils. It's gonna take a committment from every member. It may be it making presentations ion class about upcoming events. It may be putting in an extra hour or two to make the Academic Fair an overwhelming success. Or if it's just as simple as fulfilling your office hours duties; we need to keep working and show what we're made of.

It isn't over yet. And it most certainly isn't too late. You have 57 days to show 5000 people what you can do, and more importantly what you can do for them. I have every confidence that you can and will achieve that goal. It has been my pleasure and honour to work with all of you this year.



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