Volume 95, Issue 63

Thursday, January 24, 2002
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Boy C testifies in teacher sex trial

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

A 15-year-old who testified that his biology teacher, Western graduate Amy Gehring, took his virginity claimed in court Tuesday she terrified him with a pregnancy scare.

According to the London Daily Mail in England, the schoolboy, named Boy C, testified the 26-year-old Gehring had sex with him at a New Year's Eve party just minutes after having done so with another boy.

He claimed he then told her the next day it had been his first time.

"She apologized and said that because it was my first time, she'd have preferred to have done it properly," Boy C alleged at the trial in London, England.

"I said 'No offence, but I'd have preferred not to have done it at all, because I didn't want to lose my virginity to a teacher who'd slept with my friends.'"

He claimed his misery was compounded when Gehring told him she could be pregnant, then when his parents found out and finally when he was tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Gehring, a native of Otterville, Ontario – northeast of London, graduated from Western with an education degree in June 2000 and later moved to England, where she taught at a comprehensive school for a month at the end of the same year. She has pleaded not guilty to five counts of indecent assault involving three students.

Allen Pearson, dean of Western's faculty of education, insisted the school does a good job of teaching its students the legalities and responsibilities of teaching. "Unfortunately, we can't catch all the bad apples," he said.

The alleged victims, two brothers ages 15 and 14 at the time and named Boys A and Boy B, as well as Boy C, all claim Gehring had sex with them.

Monday, the jury viewed a photo of Gehring giving Boy C an open-mouthed kiss at the party. However, her lawyer argued the brothers fabricated their claims and the kiss with Boy C was just a drunken mistake.

Gehring's lawyer, Andrew Thompson, said the bathroom incident was also an intoxicated screw-up. "I'm suggesting that [Boy C] took advantage of that drunk woman, but that you hadn't even penetrated her."

Thompson admitted Gehring had regularly had phone conversations with Boy C that lasted as long as four hours, but said they never had full sex.

Boy C conceded he lied to police earlier when he claimed he knew nothing of the alleged sexual encounters she had with his two friends because he did not want to incriminate them.

The trial of Amy Gehring continues.

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