Volume 95, Issue 63

Thursday, January 24, 2002
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London Underground

London's most famous Office

Form Moby Dick to Harlequin romance

The world of alternative cinema

Art outside the clique

Boneyard Man: still searching for wider acceptance

Lizards, Trixie and original fashion

The notion that people often ignore what is in their own backyard applies to London, a city many Western students call home throughout the course of their studies, but all-too-few actually get to know.

London's underground scene – a generous mix of creativity, uniqueness and verve – is often thought of as a secret, passed down through the generations by word-of-mouth.

What so many fail to realize is the simple fact that London does have a very rich underground spirit, but one that needs to be sought out, for it does not immediately make itself known.

From foreign films, used books, live music and jam sessions to visual art, theatre and fashion, London has numerous pockets of culture, waiting to be explored.

So get out there, Western – take a bite out of this city and you may just find something you never expected.

–Matt Pearson

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