Volume 95, Issue 63

Thursday, January 24, 2002
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Terrorism a la United States

Defending the downtrodden hippies

Terrorism la United States

To the Editor:

It's funny how easily our minds are fuddled by words. It's amazing how powerful speech and writing are when used as tools to control people.

A recent example of this mind fuddling is of course America's war on terrorism. If you were to ask just about anyone what this "war on terrorism" is about, they would say, "Americans fighting the 'terrorists' who first attacked the Americans."

However, if you look a little deeper you can see this is hardly the case. First of all, as far as I know, no American soldiers ever even engaged in combat; all their casualties were due to accidents they made.

America is not and never was engaged in a war – they simply aided in a civil war that has been going on for many years. America decided that one faction, the rebel faction, would be more favourable to deal with, so they aided that faction by providing them with arms, food, clothing and air support.

If it wasn't such a horrible thing, I would laugh at the irony of what this war on terrorism has accomplished. The Americans have 'fought terrorism' by bombing bridges so people can't go to work or travel, destroying the buildings that provide people with electricity and also the much-needed heat they provide in the winter and by bombing cities.

Apparently the Americans have decided that Osama bin Laden is not the real culprit, since they have done nothing to harm him. They seem to believe the real criminals are the people who live and work in Afghanistan.

Dropping food aid from airplanes is a joke. Who really has enough planes to feed upwards of six million people for all the months it will take to rebuild roads and other systems of food distribution?

The best and worst joke of all is that the Americans have 'detained' Taliban soldiers and relocated them to prison camps on the other side of the world. The fact that Americans consider it a crime for a soldier to defend his homeland when it is bombed by a foreign country is very intriguing.

I see no difference in what whoever attacked America did and what America has done to Afghanistan. But wait! CNN told me that the United States is bringing stability to the region, rooting out terrorists and helping the people of Afghanistan enter into a new and brighter future – my mistake.

Doug Chesterman

Software Engineering II

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