Volume 95, Issue 64

Friday, January 25, 2002
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Nothing is Blue with these dogs around

Disc of the Week

Under the Volcano lies heavenly sweet treats

Shits and Giggles


People – This week, it's the stupid idiots who stand directly in front of the University Community Centre doors and block the entrance while they smoke and practice their favourite model poses. Get out of my way (please)!

Public sex arguments – C'mon, everybody does it, the key is not getting caught.

TV Western – As if we need more evidence it's a big waste of money – they have stooped to an all-time low: Tom Cochrane's "I Wonder" video. Why USC? Why?

Sports – Y'know, we at The Gazette are multi-talented and, while we try to remain modest with our talents, the rest of the Western community is catching on. Football, bowling, we know we're great, but CHRW/TV Western/USC, why must you subject yourselves to constant defeat? It hurts us to kick your asses all the time.


Tom from Survivor – Anyone who uses words such as "worriation" like they're real words is funny to me.

Astrologyunlimited.com – Whoa, they're like, so on. It's nice to have a little faith, even if it's in the words of a computer generated horoscope complete with speling and grammar, mistakes.

Baby blue – It's the new black.

Apples – Who knew they could not only be eaten, but smoked out of? How do you like dem apples now?

Whiskey – It's the new water.

–Andrea Chiu

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