Volume 95, Issue 64

Friday, January 25, 2002
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'I want to go out with you'

Alum now Lieutenant-Governor

Sophs want to sleep with the froshies

Western's tabloid hell

Queen's deregulation proposal denied

Pottermania reaches classroom

Western's tabloid hell

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

Sick of covering the latest Royal blunder or nil-nil football draw resulting in hooliganism, the British tabloid press have decided to lay their 'cheers' upon one jolly ol' London, Ontario.

Sometimes referred to as the kings and queens of the vulture profession, the Brits have jettisoned themselves overseas to our uneventful little town in search of gold – in this case, Amy Gehring's life.

These days, Conrad Black is not the only Canadian native dominating the 'real' London newspaper scene that is home to countless daily tabloids.

The alleged sexual acts of the substitute biology teacher are making headlines in Britain and each paper in the world's most competitive newspaper market is scrambling for the most sordid details .

I had a meeting on Wednesday with a writer and photographer working with London's Daily Express and Mirror – here in the humble offices of The Gazette – who were searching for anything and everything Amy Gehring. They wanted photos, past articles, contacts and – if they could get them – the daily minutes of her life here at Western.

Poor lads. They reminded me more of overzealous Robbie Williams fans than anything else.

Instead of being met with Canadian hospitality, all they received were bricks.

"We got so many thrown at our rental car we're going to have to get a new one," the writer said, jokingly.

During their visit to Althouse College, the two scoured the walls, offices and library shelves for pictures and yearbooks.

As I said, anything and everything Amy Gehring.

Word has it The Sun – perhaps the trashiest of the British tabloids – is in town. London's Daily Mail has phoned our offices several times and they too are planning to send some of their troops.

As long as 'the trial continues,' it seems London – meaning our London – will know what real journalistic persistence means.

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