Volume 95, Issue 64

Friday, January 25, 2002
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Nothing is Blue with these dogs around

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Nothing is Blue with these dogs around

By Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

Painless enough, it all started with walking a dog.

"Do [I] like dogs? With a name like Bowser, I don't really have a choice," jokes George Bowser, one half of the famous Canadian comedy team known as Bowser and Blue.

With an introduction like that, it's clear this man is not your regular guy – nor is this a regular interview.

"Live long and laugh," Bowser advises. "I tell you, it extends your life every time you can laugh. It's difficult, it's hard, but we are forced to do it and thank goodness for that. It's my modification of the Vulcan motto."

More than 20 years have raced by since Bowser and partner-in-crime, Rick Blue, decided to drive around the country making people laugh.

Gazette File Photo
POTHEADS - CHEECH AND CHONG: THE CAUCASIAN YEARS. Congratulations to Callie Boehler who came up with this insightful caption and won a pair of tickets to see Bowser & Blue.

"We started out doing comedy in colleges and it was absolutely wild in the early 80s. It was beer, it was Saturday Night Live, it was John Belushi – and for us, it was about putting on fake beards and singing. Instead of 'I'm Your Venus' – 'I'm Your Penis.'"

Then there was this enormous politically correct movement and suddenly, you couldn't buy beer on campus and you couldn't sing dick songs 'cause they were sexist, so we turned to political satire.

"In the college years, we played all over London. We used to drive back and fourth across the country – meaning Ontario – and we would set up our sound system and our bubble machines and our spotlights and do it all ourselves out of the back of a mini van. We would wear fake beards and plastic bottoms and we are currently trying to revive that spirit now. We do it all in a two hour show. It's fun," Bowser explains.

But, even after all these years, certain difficulties remain.

"The hardest thing is dealing with conflicting demands. On one side, are people who come and want to see their favourite songs and on the other, are the people that have [heard] their favourite songs 10 times and they want something new. Now, [we have] both old favourites and some brand new stuff even we haven't heard yet!"

Like many Canuck bands, this singing duo have spent the majority of their career in Canada, but it's not something that bothers them.

"The [United] States have not been a big thing for us 'cause we're known as a Canadian act and that tends to be a disadvantage in that respect. I think after 25 years we will have a core of material that will travel just about anywhere and then I think maybe we will give it a shot."

In true Quebecois-style, Bowser makes sure to poke fun at Toronto.

"Unlike Toronto, who look to the [United] States and wonder how they can get to be part of that market, Quebecers think of themselves first. They think of their lusts, desires and needs. They don't have to go to Florida to get laid for Christ's sake."

So, what kind of treatment does Canadian comedy fame bring you?

"We always have crowds of people beaming at us happily, it's a very nice experience. Sadly, I have not been sexually harassed. When it comes to sexual harassment, I am self employed," Bowser laughs.

"The truth is – up there on the stage – there is nothing to hide. We are just two dirty old men. Are you gonna see that in a headline? 'The truth revealed Bowser and Blue two dirty old men!' It's not gonna sell any papers."

Bowser and Blue attack Centennial Hall tonight @ 8 p.m.. For ticket information, call the Box Office at 672-1967.

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