Volume 95, Issue 64
Friday, January 25, 2002
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'I want to go out with you'
UWO grad's sex trial continues

Western graduate and substitute biology teacher Amy Gehring tried to make out with a 15-year-old girl just minutes after having sex with a male student, a London, England court heard yesterday.

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Alum now Lieutenant-Governor

Having just arrived home in Ontario as the newly appointed Lieutenant-Governor, it seems James Bartleman has kept his Western experience close to his heart through many years and countless countries.

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Sophs want to sleep with the froshies

Even though more first-year students are moving into Western's residences each year, the University Students' Council and Western's housing and ancillary services are trying to strike up a deal to guarantee beds to Orientation Week sophs.

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Western's tabloid hell

Sick of covering the latest Royal blunder or nil-nil football draw resulting in hooliganism, the British tabloid press have decided to lay their 'cheers' upon one jolly ol' London, Ontario.

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©Diane Bergie/Gazette
Third-year arts student Carisa Thomas makes some prints at the John Labatt's Visual Arts Centre Thursday.

Nothing is Blue with these dogs around

Painless enough, it all started with walking a dog.

"Do [I] like dogs? With a name like Bowser, I don't really have a choice," jokes George Bowser, one half of the famous Canadian comedy team known as Bowser and Blue.

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