Volume 95, Issue 65

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

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Sam is emotional ride

Count swings action and talent

Orange County doesn't suck?

Orange County doesn't suck?

Movie soundtrack is full of vitamin C

Various Artists

Orange County Original Soundtrack


Four stars (out of five)

Even though you may not like the movie, the Orange County soundtrack is filled with tasty juice.

The soundtrack features well-known artists like The Offspring, Foo Fighters, Crazy Town, but it also includes two tracks by Brian Wilson.

The majority of the soundtrack is alternative rock, but there is some rap mixed in for flavour.

Quarashi adds a blend of rap to the album with the song "Stick 'Em Up," a powerful combination of rock and rap that energizes the album with some new stylings. The lyrics, chorus and music are all in perfect harmony with each other to create a free-flowing, hypnotizing rhythm.

Pete Yorn's song "Lose You" adds a slower mix to the album, creating a steady back and forth pace of both energy and calmness.

The track "1st Time" by Bad Ronald would be playing in the background if you were laying on a beach with the sun shining. It's an up-beat mix of pop and rap that creates a fun-loving track about a guy's first time.

Just when the soundtrack's last song ends, a hidden track is lurking around the corner. This track sums up the entire album with the lyrics "Hello, hello won't you come right in/Step into my world where you know you're everything."

This is a clear invitation to the listener to come into the world of Orange County and let the album entertain the listener with its songs.

–Rana Issa

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