Volume 95, Issue 65

Tuesday, January 29, 2002
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The economics of feeding Afghanistan

Either the U.S. sneezes way too much or...

New record -- letter uses the f-word six times

New record -- letter uses the f-word six times

Re: "Thanks buddy, we love ya too!," Jan. 22

To the Editor:

In his letter, Gettler states that "fucking" doesn't have any particular meaning – much less a derogatory one.

I wanted to point out that the word "fuck" stands for 'fornicating under consent of the king.' Many years ago (I have no idea when), when a married couple wanted to have children, they had to have permission of the king. The couple was given a sign with the abbreviation F.U.C.K. to hang on their door knob while they had sex in the hopes of getting pregnant.

That is the history of the word 'fuck,' which has led to 'fucking' and 'fucked,' etc.

Heather Spencer

Psychology II

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