Volume 95, Issue 65

Tuesday, January 29, 2002
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Froshies complain of sunburn epidemic

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

From bus service to cafeteria food to sunburns – first-year students got their say at last Wednesday's University Students' Council meeting as the First Year Students' Caucus presented their 2001/2002 report.

"[The First Year Students' Caucus] is a group of first-year students who discuss their perceptions, concerns and questions at the purview of the USC, Western and the London community," said USC VP-campus issues Sera Vavala.

First-year students commissioner Michelle Broersma said the FYSC report was done especially early this year because the caucus hopes all or most of the problems will be examined before another council comes into power.

Broersma said the caucus tried to look at problems that affected the first-year student body at large and noted many concerns involved safety. All problems listed were accompanied by suggested solutions.

In regards to Orientation Week, the caucus reported students were concerned because they received no warning of the total O-week cost, there were no other food venues open during the Shinerama barbecue and many first-year students suffered sunburns.

"Poor lighting is a safety concern for students who are required to be on-campus at night," read the report, specifying the path between Brescia College and Huron University College, as well as University College hill as being poorly lit.

The report also listed other areas of concern including buses, residence, meal cards, off-campus life, affiliate colleges, international students and the Western website.

Greg Ross, FYSC representative and an administrative and commercial studies student, said he was pleased with how many first-year students came out to their meetings.

"[FYSC] was a good way to learn a lot more about the university and how it runs," Ross said, adding he also learned more about specific groups on campus, like the affiliate colleges.

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