Volume 95, Issue 65

Tuesday, January 29, 2002
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The View, but educational

By Jessica Leeder
Gazette Staff

This weekend, 40 women on campus got up close and personal at the first annual Women's Leadership Conference, hosted by the University Students' Council.

London Mayor Anne-Marie DeCicco was the honorary chair of the conference and in an introduction to an intimate crowd on Friday, she commended the USC for taking the initiative to organize the conference.

"All good things start with small steps," she said.

"You are going to find people who tell you you can't do it or people who think they have all the answers, but hard work will pay off."

Kate Kerr, a fourth-year media, information and technoculture and English student, did a presentation entitled "Women in Comix," that described the representations of women in the comic industry.

"For all the Supermans out there, there is not a corresponding female role," she said. "If you are going to look at superheroes as the leaders of society, it is important to look at how we treat our female superheroes."

Irshad Manji, author and television personality, said there is a need for credibility in leadership, particularly in the area of social activism, during a Saturday address.

As host of CityTV's Queer Television, Manji said she aired feedback that was authentic and included all voices, including dissenters.

"When you allow people to become recognized as more than their labels suggest, they recognize that because deep inside, everyone knows that each one of us is unique," she said.

Former USC president Gillian Anderson gave the closing address on Saturday.

"My most defining moment as a leader was when I was the USC president," she said.

Sera Vavala, USC VP-campus issues, said she was not disappointed by the number of attendees at the conference.

"I would rather have 40 students participating than 150 who are sleeping," she said.

–with files from Erin Conway-Smith, Joel Brown and Uroos Rizvi

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