Volume 95, Issue 65

Tuesday, January 29, 2002
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The economics of feeding Afghanistan

Either the U.S. sneezes way too much or...

New record -- letter uses the f-word six times

The economics of feeding Afghanistan

Re: "Terrorism ˆ la United States," Jan. 24

To the Editor:

I find it amazing how pitiful speech and writing can be when used by the na•ve and uninformed. In a letter published in The Gazette last week, I was told to look deep into "America's War on Terror."

Strangely enough, after doing so, I failed to come to the same warped conclusions that some people did. Yes, I agree there is a point at which we must all be critical of the media. But there is also a point at which we can go too far and become ignorant of what's going on around us.

The so-called "America's New War" is much more than "America's" war now. It involves every country around the world whose citizens have any degree of true personal freedom and liberty, whether it be the right to freedom of speech or the right to walk through a city without the fear of getting vaporized by a suitcase nuclear bomb.

If you aren't aware, there are extremist groups and factions out there who wouldn't bat an eyelash at the news that everyone in North America had been exterminated.

We got lucky that it was only four planes hijacked that day – do you honestly think if they could have hijacked every plane in the skies they wouldn't have? Get real.

Authorities are uncovering more and more evidence of Al-Qaida plots to commit various acts of mass terror and destruction around the world. And the Taliban, the puppet-string regime of the Al-Qaida, will receive no sympathy from me.

They had plenty of time to turn over the accused terrorists, close those training camps and spare their people the heartache of another conflict. Boy, they sure showed them how much they care.

Just because you can't feed everyone, it doesn't mean you shouldn't feed anyone at all. That makes absolutely no sense. If one person's life was spared, then it was well-worth the effort.

By the way, does anyone recall the Taliban ever dropping aid packages over New York City after they levelled the World Trade Centre?

The root cause of all these problems can be debated until your face turns pale, but the fact remains – we have enemies now that would love to see us all dead.

The only real joke of this whole ordeal is that the Americans are putting themselves on the line to protect everyone – even the na•ve and ignorant ones who reside in our own backyard.

Brad Kelly

Science I

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