Volume 95, Issue 66

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

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USC presidential race gets crowded

By Joel Brown and Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

The number of candidates running for University Students' Council president keeps rising as two new names one a female entered the race yesterday.

USC science councillor Melissa Groendyk, a third-year science student, will be the first female running in a USC presidential election since 1999.

"I think I have a lot to offer council and I want to bring a different kind of mentality to council not a mentality of what I can do for you, but what I can do to help you to help yourself," Groendyk said.

"I'm not such a political business type I'm a very down-to-earth, regular kind of person," she said in comparing herself with the other candidates. "I'm naturally not that competitive I have no complicated political strategies."

Groendyk is a member of the Debating Society, UWO Swing Kids, the Out Crop Club a geology club and a volunteer for Let's Talk Science. This is her second year on the USC as a science councillor.


As for being the only woman in the race thus far, Groendyk said, "It throws an interesting twist into the campaign this year."

Fifth-year student Marc Raymond will also make his run at the USC presidency, in hopes of developing a closer relationship with students and the council.

"There's not only [apathy], but disenchantment at this school," he said. "This school not only needs a leader, it needs an individual to bring the students back to the USC. We need a game plan I don't see a goal here."


Raymond has been a Medway-Sydenham Hall soph three times and has twice served as the social representative on the residents' students' council. He also served two terms as the Grand Pubah for the Waterbuffalos club, from 1999 to 2001.

Raymond is a history graduate from Western and is now in his first-year of media, information and technoculture.

"I believe I'll win people over with my campaign platform and capabilities to work with students so that we can reconnect," Raymond said. "I not only have the capabilities, I'm willing to lead on in a direction the student body is ready to go.

"Right now, I'd say I have a 69 per cent chance of winning," he added.

USC business councillor Sabrina Anzini said she was not surprised by the number of candidates thus far and added, at this point, it is still anyone's game.

"It depends on how they do in the forums and how they convince the student body they are the most appropriate candidate to lead this council into the next phase of growth," Anzini said.

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