Volume 95, Issue 66

Wednesday, January 30, 2002
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A shoddy piece of journalistic garbage, eh?

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A shoddy piece of journalistic garbage, eh?

Re: "Baxter: a tumultuous and troubling year," Jan. 24

To the Editor:

It is a sad day at Western when our student newspaper, hailed as a powerful student voice on campus, could become such a shoddy piece of journalistic garbage.

So Duane Baxter resigned. Who cares? I care. The Gazette's claim of the Social Science Students' Council being in disarray is completely untrue. Just look at all of the other events they have run this year, especially before news of this so-called 'scandal' got out.

Could a council like that be in disarray? I don't think so. This is just something to fill up the front page for The Gazette writers. What paper has three articles on one event, all seemingly saying the same thing?

But let's talk about Eric Fortin's opinion that Baxter's resignation "does not confer the same accountability on Baxter as an impeachment would." Of course Baxter is ultimately accountable for what goes on in his council, but can you really blame him for the sole problem of an inflated budget?

Let's face it that is the only major problem the SSSC has faced and it has been blown out of proportion by almost everyone. As a former head soph, I can see another person perhaps more at fault, but I haven't heard a single word about this person for two or three months now.

Though I am not entirely defending Baxter, I am criticizing The Gazette and several members of the SSSC for their self-made political "scandal." A lot of politics on campus are self-made.

The article commenting on Duane's political career at Western is filled with silly rhetoric and overly dramatized to fool its readers into believing this is a scandal worth spending three articles on in the newspaper.

It is a sad day when one person's reputation can be destroyed by the publicly broadcast opinions of a few, in my opinion, uninformed individuals.

By the way, my tuition is going up again by leaps and bounds. There are bombs dropping. I don't see many entire front page spreads on those issues.

Mark Vanpee

Science IV

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