Volume 95, Issue 66
Wednesday, January 30, 2002
Inmate #571866

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USC presidential race gets crowded

The number of candidates running for University Students' Council president keeps rising as two new names – one a female – entered the race yesterday.

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In the ghetto: kids go home hunting

As January nears an end, students – especially those in first-year – are rushing to find living arrangements for next year and, in the process, are discovering the many pitfalls and factors to consider.

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Journalist slams mainstream media

Fundamentalism as a serious religious, social and political movement is unexamined in the mainstream media, said Vision TV's Rita Deverell at a guest lecture yesterday.

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Sit-in ends in punch-up, Guelph students claim

Students protesting at the University of Guelph are alleging a sit-in got out of control yesterday before they abandoned the lock-down.

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©Beth Kerim/Gazette
SCIENCE FACT: The furniture upholstery in the average student home is so saturated with alcohol that if you sucked on it, you could get drunk. It's a fact.


New age art show casts Shadow of doubt

Sometimes it takes a new perspective to clearly see the images we have come to accept in our daily lives.

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Sleeping giant decimates York
Women ballers split weekend series at home

If adversity creates character, the Mustangs women's basketball team is well-prepared for the season's home stretch.

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