Volume 95, Issue 66

Wednesday, January 30, 2002
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It was like that first orgasm

A shoddy piece of journalistic garbage, eh?

Marty shows concern for the UWO fun level

It was like that first orgasm

To the Editor:

What lukewarm memories our newer Western students must have of Orientation Week. What a pale and lifeless shadow of what was once the heyday of University initiation.

When people talk about the 'spirit' of O-week, they don't mean the overly exuberant and ridiculous antics of the sophs or the "we got spirit how 'bout you..." campy cheers. That stuff has it's place, don't get me wrong, but that's not the real spirit of O-week.

To me and the rest of the residents of 'The Love Shack' two upper Saugeen-Maitland Hall, O-week was like that very first orgasm – it was a complete and utter release of every tension and anxiety that had built up before our arrival in the dank, but beloved hole we called home.

I don't remember any of the cheers our Sophs taught us or the speeches delivered to us by whomever was University Students' Council president that year or what the vice-provost or the chancellor of this or that said at whatever stuffy faculty reception I was supposed to be at.

None of that was important, who cared? What I do remember with crystal clarity was the Saugeen road trip pub nights. I remember the night at Hill Billy Willie's when close to a thousand Saugeeners crammed into the under-ventilated dance floor cesspit of teenage college life utopia.

I remember the beautiful girl who sat on my lap and kissed me on the bus ride home. I could never forget the feeling I had as my whole floor packed into a tiny Saugeen bedroom to continue the party until way past the sun had come up the next day.

That was the spirit of O-week to me – it was about shrugging off the pressures and expectations you'd built around yourself. Realizing that everyone else was just as nervous as you were, but were just as keen to know you and every single person around them for that one blissful week.

That was my O-week. It was orgasmic. The O-week of today is no longer run by the students for the students. By my last year at Western there were no more pub nights, no Hill Billy Willie's, no late night drinking, no parties in your room until all hours.

Faculty days and dry events, sophs suing the USC over a Shinerama incident and no more engineering movie night is the new reality of O-Week.

The concessions that O-staff and the USC have made to please administration at every turn sickens me and I truly mourn the loss of the spirit of O-week.

Mark "Mr. Wolf" Sheard

Cross-disciplinary studies '00

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