Volume 95, Issue 67

Thursday, January 31, 2002
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Damn girl, why you be trippin' all the time?

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Damn girl, why you be trippin' all the time?

To the Editor:

On Jan. 9, 2002 – just the third day of classes – I fell on a patch of ice in front of Thames Hall. Instinctively, I braced myself by extending my arms.

I ended up bruising my wrists and for two days I had to deal with excruciating pain – it hurt to even bend them.

Also, having my fall witnessed by several other students made me feel silly for not watching where I was going and embarrassed for having other people see my mistake.

After this happened, I felt the need to have someone comfort me and ask if I was alright. With London's sporadic weather conditions, the university's physical plant staff cannot safeguard all walkways on campus at all times.

Instead, students must be extra careful when travelling to classes. But, if the unexpected occurs and someone does fall, all students need to take the time and inquire after their fellow student.

After my fall, I was fortunate that the girls walking in front of me were understanding and asked if I was alright. After experiencing an embarrassing moment, no one needs to be further aggravated by being mocked.

Instead, we need to show some common courtesy. I used to ignore others who hurt themselves at school, but now I realize they too need a comforting hand, even if it is from a stranger.

So remember that the unfortunate soul who injuries him/herself in public could be you someday, so treat him/her as you would like to be treated.

Jennifer Vermey

Health Sciences IV

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