Volume 95, Issue 67

Thursday, January 31, 2002
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Gazette increases likelihood of hate crimes against gays

Damn girl, why you be trippin' all the time?

Fornicating with etymology

Fornicating with etymology

Re: "New record – letter uses the f-word six times," Jan. 29

To the Editor:

The assertion by Heather Spencer that the word "fuck" originates from "Fornication Under Consent of the King" (or other such acronyms) is, well, fucking stupid.

The primary problem with this notion is that acronyms are essentially a 20th century invention. Also, the word "fornicate" basically means "to have intercourse with prostitutes." This would kind of exclude having the king putting a notice on the door of a man and wife so they could conceive.

Not only that, if the king were to issue such decrees, he would do little else.

At any rate, I won't continue to analyze this notion of the etymology of the word "fuck."

Geoffrey Wozniak

MSc. Candidate Computer Science

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