Volume 95, Issue 67
Thursday, January 31, 2002
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Four students seek Huron crown
Grey poupon crowd begins election

As the University Students' Council Presidential election gets ready to begin next week, Huron University College is already well on its way to electing its new students' council president.

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UWOFA support students

Despite Senate's formal rejection of a proposal that would give academic amnesty to students who choose to walk-out during next Wednesday's Day of Action, Western's faculty association has adopted a resolution to show support for protesting students.

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Fine, take all our weed, we'll just do shrooms

The RCMP raided six London homes in a $1.6 million marijuana seizure as part of a co-ordinated nationwide-wide operation yesterday morning.

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Gehring gets off, legally speaking

A supply teacher accused of having sex with three teenage boys was acquitted yesterday on one charge after a judge ordered the jury to find her not guilty of indecently assaulting a 15-year old student.

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ŠJoel Brown/Gazette
WHOA DUDE, POT AND ANTHRAX? I guess you could say it's a "Talibanned" substance. London police seized $1.6 million worth of marijuana Wednesday morning. Stoners everywhere are holding an all-night vigil.


The Olympic Games: gold, silver, bronze or bust...

A media frenzy, a security nightmare

Snowboarding: there's more to it than toques and marijuana

The Olympians the media ignores

Jocks: are they bug-eyed druggies?