Volume 95, Issue 67

Thursday, January 31, 2002

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Four students seek Huron crown

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News Briefs

Four students seek Huron crown

Grey poupon crowd begins election

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

As the University Students' Council Presidential election gets ready to begin next week, Huron University College is already well on its way to electing its new students' council president.

Yesterday, the four presidential candidates got a chance to explain why they should be president at a forum conducted by the Huron University College Students' Council

"All of the candidates come from quite different backgrounds they have very different experiences," said current HUCSC president Christie Love, noting she is pleased with the diversity of candidates.

Pete Etherington, a second-year administrative and commercial studies student and current HUCSC special events commissioner, said his platform will not come from him alone, but from all Huron students' concerns and ideas.

Etherington said his dedication this past year to his full course load, his fraternity Beta Theta Phi and his position on HUCSC proves he can handle the presidential duties.

Labelling herself the outsider of the group, third-year international and comparative studies and French student Ricki Justice said she would be a valuable asset to council.

"I'm not on students' council and haven't been on it before my perspective comes from outside of council," Justice said, noting she would be an active listener to all students, both involved and uninvolved in HUCSC.

Mike Kirton, a first-year social science student, current USC Huron residence councillor and member of the First Year Students' Caucus, said a president must do more than listen to its constituent a president must actively seek out other opinions and concerns.

"I love this place that's basically what this all comes down to," said Adam Sklar, a third-year political science student and one of the HUCSC formals commissioners.

From what he has seen in the past, Sklar said Huron has always had a successful council. However, Sklar said he would like to seek out more recognition for Huron in the London community and possibly combine Huron events with other faculties or affiliate colleges for better publicity.

Love said she would like to see the candidates focus more on the relationship between Huron and Western administration, noting Huron has different rights and privileges than main campus.

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