Volume 95, Issue 67

Thursday, January 31, 2002
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Gazette increases likelihood of hate crimes against gays

Damn girl, why you be trippin' all the time?

Fornicating with etymology

Gazette increases likelihood of hate crimes against gays

Re: "UWO washrooms used for sex romps," Jan. 22

To the Editor:

For the Queer Western Organization, a group dedicated to finding equality in society, there are several issues that need to be addressed concerning this article.

First, this article places an unecessary stereotype on the gay community by leading the reader to believe that all gay men are promiscuous. If the issue at hand were straight couples having sex in public washrooms, a front page article with this tone would most likely not have been written.

It needs to be stated that, although not always apparent, promiscuity is equally present within both gay and straight communities. Although we do not condone the illegality of public sex, there are several reasons why it may exist.

As a reflection of today's society, there are people who remain afraid of and confused about their sexuality. They are not comfortable identifying themselves as "gay" and may not be willing to travel to a gay bar to meet someone or to a bathhouse to find someone for casual sex.

This brings along the further notion of acceptance, which is still a taboo subject today and, especially on this campus, needs to be addressed.

Ultimately, listing locations (and ways to find others) where men initiate casual sex with other men is extremely dangerous. It's frightening to think there is virtually nothing to stop a homophobic individual from using this website as a resource to physically assault men they consider to be morally corrupt.

The most terrifying thought is that the potential for hate crimes at this university has increased due to the publication of this article.

Todd Coleman

Health Sciences II

Queer Western Organization

Social Co-ordinator

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