Volume 96, Issue 4

Thursday, June 13, 2002
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Bad "Bitch"

Meredith Brooks
Bad Bad One
Capitol Records/Gold Circle

Meredith Brooks is best known for her 1997 hit "Bitch." Five years later, her sound is still the same basic combination of pop and rock, but with a few more modern touches, such as the techno-flavoured "High."

The result won't rid Brooks of her reputation as a one-hit wonder. There isn't anything particularly bad on Bad One, but most of the songs are unmemorable.

"You Don't Know Me" is the best track and the only one that sounds as if emotion was put into writing it. The rest of the record sounds like she was trying too hard to be radio friendly.

Bad One will at least go down in history as the best album ever to feature a vocal performance from Jennifer Love Hewitt, who cameos in the song "Pleasure." (Insert joke here)

–Mark Polishuk

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