Volume 96, Issue 4

Thursday, June 13, 2002
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Vegas: a winning bet

Dirty Vegas
Dirty Vegas

Viva Las Vegas – a city of showgirls and instant winnings.

Dirty Vegas certainly had a quick win on their hands when they recorded their moody, yet infectious club tune "Days Go By." The song made its way to North America by finding a home as the soundtrack to the Mitsubishi Eclipse commercials.

But this band is more than just a groovemaker for a car campaign and their debut album shows that they are just as interested in guitars as turntables.

Alongside heavy dance thumpers like "Throwing Shapes" and "The Brazilian" are mid-tempo melodic numbers like the bummed-out "Candles" and "All or Nothing."

Then there's the closing, "Simple Things Part 2," which achieves a great balance between steady beats, electronic gargles and a warm guitar.

While there have been marriages of dance and rock before, few have achieved such harmony.

–Brian Wong

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