Volume 96, Issue 4

Thursday, June 13, 2002
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Young women turn men on with fun Canuck patriotism

Oh-so fabulous summer festivals

Blue? Prove it. Go to Bluesfest

Oh-so fabulous summer festivals

By Andrea Chiu
Gazette Staff

Summer is upon us and although sitting on a patio and drinking beer is always fun, one should eventually seek variety.

So, what do you do?

Admittedly, London isn't known as the city that never sleeps, but our little village of a spirited 330,000 is not lacking in summer fun.

Below is The Gazette's list of special events you should take part in during the coming months. A little food, a little culture, a little sun and a lotta love is all you need.

NO, FOR THE LAST TIME WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MOVIE TROOP BEVERLY HILLS. Channel Surfing is a theatrical troupe that will be at the centre of the London Fringe Theatre Festival later this summer.

NBA Hoop-It-Up (Jun. 22 to 23) at Victoria Park

Much like the Gus Macker basketball tournament earlier this summer, NBA Hoop-It-Up challenges hoopsters in a three-on-three basketball competition. Baggy pants and tough limp/walk not included.

Royal Canadian Big Band Music Festival (Jun. 23 to Jul. 1) at Covent Garden Market

Swing music is more than just a fad from the late '90s. Step away from your Brian Setzer Orchestra CD and check out the real thing live.

Great Canadian Celebration (Jun. 28 to Jul. 1) at Harris Park

Show your patriotism and join your neighbours in a rockin' good time. If you're bored play "Where's Maggie?" – look for The Gazette's fun lovin' A&E editor in the striped soccer socks. For more information go to www.londoncanadaday.ca.

Sunfest (Jul. 5 to 7) at Victoria Park

Contrary to popular misconceptions, London is not a multicultural-less bubble. Sunfest boasts a wonderful diverse line-up of music. No smartass comments here, just the facts ma'am.

London Pride (Jul. 12 to 14) at Western Fair

Think London's an ultra conservative city? Yeah, it's usually true, but London's annual pride weekend proves there is diversity and tolerance among us. People of all sexual orientations are welcome to partake in this positive event.

London International Bluesfest (Jul. 12 to 14) at Clarence and King Streets

These performers are so passionately blue, they put emo bands to shame.

Home County Folk Festival (Jul. 19 to 21) at Victoria Park

This festival aims to be distinctly Canadian with less emphasis on beer and hockey. Take a stroll in the park and enjoy the crafts, music and food.

Balloon Festival (Aug. 1 to 5) at Harris Park

This summer event always draws participants from around the world. You know what they say – where there's foreigners, there's gas (and balloons).

Rib-fest (Aug. 1 to 5) at Victoria Park

This festival boasts it is the largest rib competition in Canada. Don't count the calories, just enjoy!

London Fringe Theatre Festival (Aug. 10 to 18)

Some argue that being an "actor" is just a fancy title for "unemployed." Poor or rich, the performers featured during this downtown festival are always talented and entertaining. Keep an eye on the festival's website (www.londonfringe.on.ca) for playbills and show times.

Dragon Boat Race Festival (Aug. 17 to 18) at Fanshawe Lake

Summer is no fun without getting a little wet. Come join some of the most agile athletes as they frolic in the summer mist.

A Taste of London (Aug. 22 to 25) at Victoria Park

Mmm food... sample different dishes from many of London's finest restaurants. Coffee? Tea? Forget that, dig into some pad-Thai and deep-fried ice cream.

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