Volume 96, Issue 3

Thursday, June 6, 2002
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12 Questions

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By Maggie Wrobel
Gazette Staff

Lorraine Muller, lead vocalist and saxophone player extraordinaire for Montreal ska group The Kingpins, took time out from the band's busy touring schedule to answer The Gazette's 12 burning questions.

1) What's the main reason you're in The Kingpins?
Shouldn't it be why am I still in The Kingpins? (laughs) I really can't picture myself doing anything else.

2) Favourite place to play in Canada?
It's pretty much different every time. It really depends on the crowds. I really like Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax. We're excited to play in Montreal again, too.

3) First thing you do when you get home from touring?
I'd like to say sleep, but I'm usually way too wired! Sad to say, but I probably turn on the "idiot box."

4) What artist or group is your biggest inspiration and why?
Truthfully, I don't like to look to anyone for inspiration at this point in time. When I was younger, it was probably Annie Lennox or other cool chick singers like that.

5) What's in your CD player right now?
I'm so surrounded by music on this tour that I don't really have time to listen to anything else. At home, I have our CD in my CD player because we were auditioning bass players right before we went on tour.

6) Happiest moment while in The Kingpins?
Having [legendary reggae guitarist] Lynn Taitt in the studio while we were making our second album was pretty cool.

7) Scariest moment while in the band?
For me personally, that would probably have been when we released [the album] Plan of Action. It was the first time that I really appeared at the forefront of the band. But thankfully it turned out much better than I expected.

8) Name three things you're obsessed with at the moment.
Well, there's The Kingpins. That probably takes up two of those spots. Actually, just The Kingpins. The band takes up five of the three spots!

9) If The Kingpins could play on any TV show, which one would you choose and why?
Oh, no question – Saturday Night Live. If anyone answers differently to this question I just don't understand that! That sort of exposure would be phenomenal.

10) What was the the last book you read?
Honestly, I don't really read much on the road. Just magazines at the doctor's office. I really like the jokes in Reader's Digest though!

11) Describe your band in three words.
Awesome, energetic and come out and see us play, damn it!

12) How excited are you to play the all-Skanadian tour at Call the Office this Friday?
We're really looking forward to it. We've played Call the Office before and there is a bigger crowd each time we return. Everyone should make sure to come early and catch Chris Murray and General Rudie as well.

The Kingpins play at Call the Office on Jun. 7. Doors open at 9 p.m.. Advance tickets are available at Call the Office and Speed City Records.

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