Volume 96, Issue 3

Thursday, June 6, 2002
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In the eyes of a reporter in sweats

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News Briefs

In the eyes of a reporter in sweats

By Derek Rhodenizer
Gazette Staff

I entered the brand new auditorium at the Richard Ivey School of Business and descended into a sea of suits passing around cheques worth millions of dollars.

Sporting my favorite sweat pants, old birkenstocks and having forgotten to shave that morning (I use the word "forgotten" loosely), for some unknown reason I felt like an outsider.

I seemed to be sitting in the center of my own bubble, not unlike a sweat pant wearing bubble-boy. I had created a no-suit zone. No suit dared to enter, for fear of being tainted by the aura of my sweat-pant fashion faux pas.

I had spent that morning scouring through couch cushions looking for spare change for my daily caffeine dose, while in front of me stood three men that just donated one million dollars.

Some days the world lacks all sense of fairness.

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