Volume 96, Issue 3

Thursday, June 6, 2002
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BAs, Britney Spears, and Friends

Summer in London lacks sugar and spice

Summer in London lacks sugar and spice

Raspberry Beret
Kelly Marcella
News Editor

Summer in London: a tasteless mixture of bad weather, buses and boredom.

Thinking that this summer would be one of the best to date, I've quickly come to the realization that London is NOT living up to the wonderful expectations of summer fun I hoped it would provide.

First of all, contrary to the popular belief that Northern Ontario is permanently home to cold temperatures, the northern climate is much more pleasant than London's. On the few spring days the rain clouds are at bay, the humidity in this city is almost unbearable.

Personally, odd as it may seem, I would prefer the chill of winter over humidity.

To make matters worse, my lack of transportation forces me to take a bus everywhere – something I despise during the school year – and is even more aggravating at this point due to an expired bus pass, rerouting due to construction and sweaty people. At home on the other hand, my parents' car has air-conditioning, a CD player and is generally free. How I miss my beloved Sunfire.

Speaking of parents, I consider mine to be the greatest cooks alive – a gene I regretfully did not inherit. I will admit, at times, I avoid cooking only because I'm lazy, but it's just something I have no affection for in general. Consequently, since I moved out I value home-cooking much more than ever before. Even on those rare occasions when I attempt a cooking creation, it doesn't compare to tasty home-cooked meals.

And what's summer when you don't own a barbeque?

To top it all off, I've discovered that London in the summer months is deprived of most people my age. Most of my friends here have gone home until the fall and I often find myself renting movies to keep from going insane.

On the brighter side, I'm not wasting money going out (as I most certainly would be back home) and I am becoming a film guru.

I miss home. I miss my parents and all the great perks of living at home. I miss being taken care of – but at least this way I'll learn how to cook.

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