Volume 96, Issue 3
Thursday, June 6, 2002
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"Real" world
Grads escape Western bubble

A Western parade of pomp and pageantry is on full throttle this week with over 5,400 students receiving degrees at the university's 278th Convocation.

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Off the cuff of glory

The Gazette took a quick survey of graduates as they walked off the stage at Tuesday's Convocation ceremony.

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Ivey brings in the bucks

Capped with the generous commitment of two million dollars from Paul MacPherson, the president of Valcom Limited, Ivey's current fundraising campaign reached a total of $75 million, it was announced Monday.

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Gay and lesbian info his the web

The launch of a new website at Western in support of gay parents is the first site of its kind in Canada that offers a national approach.

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©Lauren Starr/Gazette
"AND WHEN HE GOES TO PULL THE HOOD OVER MY HAT I'M GONNA POP HIM ONE RIGHT IN THE KISSER." Honours MIT graduates Peter West and Jon Van der Veen discussed proper protocol for Western's 278th Convocation on Tuesday.

Who ever said racial stereotypes aren't funny?

Review of  the funky new movie Undercover Brother.

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Hockey's version of the "good ol' boys" going down in six

The 2002 National Hockey League play-offs have been full of surprises – even before the Carolina "rock you like a" Hurricanes used overtime magic once again to knock off the Detroit Red Wings in game one of the Stanley Cup final.

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