Volume 96, Issue 3

Thursday, June 6, 2002
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"Real" world?

Off the cuff of glory

Ivey brings in the bucks

Gay and lesbian info hits the web

Western engineers hit the finish line in Michigan

London health officials battle "tanorexia"

Ship Liberal sailing into very rocky waters

Darth Chretien?

Double cohort applications process unclear

In the eyes of a reporter in sweats

Of egos, ethics and ignorance

News Briefs

Off the cuff of glory

The Gazette took a quick survey of graduates as they walked off the stage at Tuesday's Convocation ceremony. The gods of academia were smiling – almost every graduate could spell "Convocation" correctly. On an interesting side note, exactly 50 per cent of graduates said they had to go to the washroom when asked "How do you feel?"

Do you have a job yet?
"I'm actually working for Bell in a job I'm not qualified for. But I am, because I'm a thinker, right?"
Master of Arts graduate Pete Morra.

Spell "convocation."
Morra. He was joking – we hope.

What are you wearing under that robe?
"Not much."
Haley Gudat, Bachelor of arts in English and political science.

"A tie."
Craig Lawrence, bachelor of arts in English and media, information and technoculture.

"You tell me."
Paul Desjardins, bachelor of arts in English. – after flashing the reporter.

What was the "drunkest" moment of your academic career?
"Frosh week."

"Saugeen during O-week."

"I can't even remember."
Mark Russell, bachelor of arts in English

"I can show you scars."
Gudat, who our editor-in-chief later expressed interest in dating

"[The] whole year I was in England."
Catherine Baker, bachelor of arts in English

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