Volume 95, Issue 83

Tuesday, March 12, 2002
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Intramurally screwed over

Cancer club meetings will now be held outside

That's Mr. Harddrive to you, floppy

Cancer club meetings will now be held outside

Re: "If you don't like my fire, don't come around," March 6

To the Editor:

This is in reply to Matt Wood's suggestion of turning The Spoke into a private establishment to appease his bad habit.

First, I have been at The Spoke on every major night since the banning of smoking and the crowds are just as big. Granted, it hasn't been much time, but I'm sure this new rule will draw as many pink lungs to The Spoke as it deters black lungs.

Second, Wood's suggestion of calling The Spoke a private establishment is probably the most ridiculous suggestion I've ever heard. Can you imagine the hassle of showing your student card plus identification at the door, as well as signing in members?

Monitoring each person who comes in to make sure they have a guest pass? Dealing with the people who forget their student ID, but argue with the doorman that they are indeed a student and a member of this exclusive club? The lines would be enormous!

The Spoke is not only a pub for Western students. Many townies, as I like to call them, enjoy listening to Rick McGhie once in a while. Alumni have a good laugh during comedy nights. Even some Fanshawe students like to enjoy a retro night or two.

Are you saying that they have to get a guest pass just because they don't go to Western? And all because you need to smoke?

By implementing that rule, The Spoke would surely lose a lot more business than through simply banning smoking. Suck it up.

Get your lazy ass up and go outside to have your smoke.

Peter J. Wilson

Bachelor of Science '00

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