Volume 95, Issue 83

Tuesday, March 12, 2002
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Intramurally screwed over

Cancer club meetings will now be held outside

That's Mr. Harddrive to you, floppy

That's Mr. Harddrive to you, floppy

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to apologize to the students of Western for not doing something I should have done during my two terms as an arts councillor on the University Students' Council.

I am speaking of proposing the removal of funding to TV Western. Apparently this year's budget calls for yet another increase of student fees.

I think the USC should not be taking the easy way out and charging the students for their funding shortfall. Instead, they should be looking towards cutting wasteful USC spending and one of the first cuts should be TV Western.

During my time on council, I heard numerous president and VP candidates propose fixing the problems with TV Western, yet nothing was done. It is time to cut a service that is not used and is of no value to students.

I would consider a TV channel broadcast on televisions that nobody looks at – and which rarely have theirs sound on – to be a waste of student money.

Ryan Heney

Honours English/Film '01

Former USC Arts Councillor

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