Volume 95, Issue 83
Tuesday, March 12, 2002
Bottleneck part deux
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VP forum allows for schmooze-fest

The University Students' Council vice-presidential candidates stepped up in the University Community Centre atrium yesterday to answer questions from the Western community.

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Raging storm flattens Forest City

Trees may be an environmentalist's best friend, but they were the Forest City's worst enemy when this weekend's storm caused a number of them to fall, causing power outages and havoc around London and the Western community.

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Cabbies endangered: drivers beaten and robbed

It was not a good week for London cabbies as they had to endure more than the usual alcohol-induced spewing and sex romps in the backseat.

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Negotiations begin in Dalhousie strike

The end of Dalhousie University's faculty strike could be in sight as both sides returned to the bargaining table in Halifax yesterday.

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©Laurren Starr/Gazette
NEW FOX TV SPECIAL - WHEN SQUIRRELS GAIN WEIGHT. Western staff member Julie Ashford inspects a fallen tree on Middlesex Drive Monday.


Men with Brooms will sweep you off your seat

At first glance, it seems doubtful a story about curling could keep an audience's attention, but Men with Brooms succeeds by mixing quirky humour and typical Canadian stereotypes with a little bit of love on the side.

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Western 'Peaks' some interest

When opportunity knocks, Western Mustangs men's basketball guard Adam Peaker is around to open the door.

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