Volume 95, Issue 84

Wednesday, March 13, 2002
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Shaggy recycles some classics

Shaggy recycles some classics


Mr. Lover Lover: The Best of Shaggy, Part 1


Three 1/2 stars (out of five)

"Best of" compilations usually disappoint.

Shaggy's first greatest hits album is a good cross section of popular songs from his first three CDs. It's a "rough around the edges" collection of tracks Shaggy recorded before he turned pop with his "Angel" remake.

The album opens with a remix of "Boombastic," which is virtually identical to the album version also included on the disc, give or take a couple of samples from Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

Fortunately, sexy reggae tracks such as "Oh Carolina" dominate the disc with Shaggy's trademark suggestive growl adding a playful tone to the danceable, songs.

This CD gives off a party vibe that is practically begging to be danced to at a beach party by scantily clad people.

Another standout is Shaggy's collaboration with Jamaican reggae master Maxi Priest on "That Girl" a slinky, smooth track that has become a club classic.

Unfortunately, his teamwork with the legendary Janet Jackson on "Luv Me Luv Me" comes off as strangely dispassionate, as if the two artists recorded their vocals on separate coasts, without ever actually engaging in the sexy cat and mouse game they are singing about.

Overall, Mr. Lover Lover is a fun album that serves as a reminder of where Shaggy came from and how long he has been around.

–Maggie Wrobel

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