Volume 95, Issue 84

Wednesday, March 13, 2002
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UWO football stars involved in melee at intramural game

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

Fists were flying during a bench-clearing brawl at a Western intramural basketball game involving members of the varsity football team this weekend.

Mustang defensive back Alexis Sanschagrin, captain of the "Killer B's" intramural team, was one of many players involved in the Sunday afternoon scuffle against "Team Beans" at Alumni Hall during a competitive-level Campus Recreation intramural game.

According to a witness, punches were thrown after two opposing players ran into each other on the court.

Tony Lykourezous, a member of "Team Beans," said players from both teams cleared the benches and entered the melee.

At least three of the players continued to fight while others tried to pull the two sides apart. Both of the game's referees had no luck stopping the fight and decided to disqualify both teams, he said.

One official was shocked a fight was occurring during a competitive-level game, as opposed to a super-competitive league game, Lykourezous said.

The second-year media, information and technoculture student said he attempted to pull players away from each other. "I was like, 'Holy shit!' I thought it was a hockey game," he said.

Other football players who are members of the "Killer B's" include defensive backs Shawn Amlin, Peter Schmidt and Brian Tock.

Sanschagrin declined to explain what his role was in the fight and said he did not want to publicly comment on the incident.

Lykourezous said the game was rough even before the brawl, but afterwards both teams were able to settle their differences.

"There were no hard feelings after everything broke up," he said.

CampusRec sports co-ordinator Jennifer Myers said suspensions may be handed out after she has contacted both team captains to hear the whole story.

According to the CampusRec website, a minimum one year suspension results from fighting.

Myers said, while the brawl was an "isolated case" with only one or two fights occurring over the last two years, she is concerned the number of violent incidents is increasing.

"It's not just pushing and shoving and a couple of punches anymore, it's a couple of more serious things," Myers said.

–With files from Jordan Bell

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