Volume 95, Issue 84

Wednesday, March 13, 2002
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Shame on you!

Fill me up real good

Universities going corporate

Fill me up real good

Re: "Spoke fights 'stank,'" Mar. 8

To the Editor:

In Friday's paper, University Students' Council manager of campus bars, Dan Smith said, "We haven't had a [real] increase in the price of food at The Spoke in years."

I would really like to know what Smith's definition of a "real" price increase is. In 1998-99, my first year at Western, the CLT was a mere $2.50 and I think it had more chicken in it than nowadays.

The CLT has risen in price each year to $2.75 (99-00), $3 (00-01) and to $3.50 this year. Last year, the Chicken Wrap, which is probably the most filling item on the menu was $3.50 and this year jumped to $4.25! A 21 per cent increase in price!

This isn't a "real" increase?

These are just a few items, not to mention the increases in pretty much every other item on the menu at The Spoke. So please Mr. Smith, don't tell us The Spoke hasn't had a "real" increase in years.

Your constant increases and lack of good food have pushed me to other more affordable vendors on campus, like Harvey's and the hot dog people, where my dollars will actually provide me with something that fills me up.

Earl Almeida

Statistics III

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