Volume 95, Issue 85

Thursday, March 14, 2002
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Rolling sophly down the hill

Desensitized by September 11

Woah there, comp-sci guy!

Rolling sophly down the hill

To the Editor:

As a proud member of the Westminster College residence and the Western community, I am no stranger to soph clashes with housing.

I was privileged to be introduced to Western last year by the best soph team on campus. Although it's the smallest residence, Westmin has long made its presence felt as a force that embodies the Orientation spirit.

As Westminster's current Head Soph, I chose a team that wanted to become sophs to give the first-year students the same experiences they had and pass on their love for Western.

This love for Orientation stems from our pride in the week being run by the students for the students. As housing places more restrictions on our soph selections, can we still brag about our Orientation being run by the students?

Do marks or council positions make an excellent soph? Not at all. An excellent soph wants to ensure the first-year students have an easy transition and an amazing time at Western.

I have the utmost confidence in the Orientation Officer and staff to plan a legendary Orientation Week. But, without high quality sophs, there are only plans.

Sophs are the heart and soul of Orientation. They make first-years happy and reassured of their choice of Western as their university. What an immense favour we do for the administration! Yet we walk on eggshells every year, fighting to keep O-week alive.

We may have the week back, but housing has found a new way to control it. This unparalleled week so many have fought for is being snatched away.

I appeal to sophs, this year's hopefuls and anyone who has fond memories of Orientation Week: do not sit idly by and allow the essence of first year at Western, when our love for our school and its many traditions is fostered, be dragged downhill. I know I won't.

Daphne Voineskos

Westminster Head Soph 2001

Biology II

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