Volume 95, Issue 85

Thursday, March 14, 2002
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Rolling sophly down the hill

Desensitized by September 11

Woah there, comp-sci guy!

Desensitized by September 11

To the Editor:

While listening to the Mar. 11 ceremonies and being told that North America is 'admirably moving on,' it occurred to me we are not.

Instead, we are dwelling on and milking this tragedy, both financially and politically, for all it's worth. If we were truly moving on, wouldn't all of the amendments to human rights laws have been publicly rescinded?

I'm sorry if I sound callous, but perhaps I have become somewhat desensitized to the term 'Sept. 11' after having it shoved down my throat for six months by the media.

It does not evoke painful emotions.

I believe the mass media is using the deaths of those citizens to help the government justify its latest round of foreign policy enforcement in the Middle East, which has the overall objective of continuing to provide the United States with cheap oil.

It also disturbs me when the intentionally inflammatory opinions of pop culture figures like Bill Maher (host of Politically Incorrect) are deemed consequential enough to be publicly criticized by the government and other influential people.

I understand the loss of several thousand Americans is shocking – loss of life anywhere is a tragedy. Isn't it ironic that a government's foreign policy, officially and unofficially, can be directly or indirectly linked to actions that cost lives around our globe?

Present government initiatives threaten human rights as well as lives and neither politicians nor their media lackeys have convinced me that the trade-off between national security and personal rights and freedoms is in the best interests of Canadians.

Jen Heidenheim

Masters Candidate Science

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