Volume 95, Issue 85

Thursday, March 14, 2002
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Rolling sophly down the hill

Desensitized by September 11

Woah there, comp-sci guy!

Woah there, comp-sci guy!

Re: "In lieu of cock fighting, nerds turn to robot wars," Mar. 7

To the Editor:

Although we are not all frat boys or sorority girls, computer science students do have a social awareness well beyond the scope of this piece of recycled newsprint.

With groups made up of computer science, engineering and masters of business administration students, it is obvious where Western's intelligence pool lies. It is understandable, to an extent, where these prejudices come from.

People like The Rock are definitely not helping to improve our reputation. However, to group us all together is like saying social science students don't have a future – but McDonald's needs employees too!

In all fairness, each program has its own highlights and lowlights, but to demean others simply because of their program shows your tuition costs for a higher education are going to waste.

In a subculture with LAN parties and tech talks, many of us feel out of place with the comp-sci profile. We don't all dress like Steve Urkle or watch Star Trek.

We don't have nicknames like 'data,' 'gigabyte' or 'hard drive' and only one of us thinks he's a professional wrestler. We are not all code monkeys, just like social science is not just a bunch of Barbie Dolls.

We should all strive to be well-rounded. We also go out, have fun, drink beer and play sports like most of Western's community.

So don't think our computer is attached to our hip.

Mark Connolly

Computer Science III

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